2020 MARC Officers

The Pride of the Florida Panhandle

2020 MARC Officers

President: Charles Strnad N4QEP

Vice President: Greg Pomas WB4KKJ

        Secretary: Terry Quinlan W4LRC

Treasurer: Nelda “Cookie” Strnad N4YGS


Robert Speser NB8S

Terry Hartwell KK4WTW

Larry Carpenter K4LWC


Hamfest Chairperson Chuck Strnad N4QEP

Assistant Hamfest Chairperson Nelda “Cookie” N4YGS

Repeater Chairperson Robert Speser NB8S

W4VIY Club Custodian Robert Speser NB8S

Club Historian Robert E. Perry W5CL

Webmaster Steve Krzysiak KN4LOO

Club Registered Robert Speser NB8S

Net Manager Robert E. Perry W5CL

Sunshine Coordinator Cookie Strnad N4YGS

We need more Volunteers to help out in other projects. If you feel you have the time and want to see the club grow and expand be a proud member and Volunteer!