Hobby & Self Training

The Pride of the Florida Panhandle

ARRL affiliated Club ( ARES)
Amateurs are individuals licensed for non-commercial use of designated radio bands, for the
purpose of private recreation, exchange of
messages, experimentation, and emergency
communication. Radio amateurs operate under
rules which limit the maximum power of
transmissions and govern the technical and
operational characteristics of those transmissions.
Each amateur radio station is issued a designated
call sign to allow identification of stations.
Amateurs are called hams in many countries. It is a hobby and self-training. The term “Amateur” is used to differentiate it from commercial and professional two-way radio services. The Federal
Communications Commission governs amateur radio operation in the United States. All countries
are coordinated through the International
Telecommunication Union. An estimated two million people throughout the world are regularly involved with Amateur Radio.
We, the Milton Amateur Radio Club, have approximately 51 members. We, as a club, try and teach and give input into our amateur radio hobby.
We all also have families, so we know how
important it is to teach our family and friends
about the different things that we learn in ham
radio. It’s up to us, the ham radio operators, to
teach and guide young minds so they can learn
electronics, enjoy our hobby, and the spirit of living
a good wholesome life.

Milton Amateur Radio Club
P.O. Box 4072
Milton, Flordia 32570